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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cheaper, Greener: Homemade foot soak

Instead of spending lots of money on commercial foot soaks or a pedicure (although I'll admit it, I love the latter), for those in-between times when I can't get a professional pedicure or don't have the money for one, I do it myself. I've tried a couple of the recipes listed here.

My first attempt was with recipe #5: lemon juice, olive oil, and milk added to water. Sure left my feet feeling good, but then I wasn't quite sure what to do with the leftover soak. Dumping it down the drain meant that oil was going to be coating my pipes. So I've abandoned that recipe.

Now my favorite is one of the single-ingredient items at the bottom of the page: 1 cup of honey per gallon of water. My feet feel silky-smooth without spending a ton of money or using a bunch of chemicals.

Then I move on to using my Ped-Egg, then lotion, then polish. I have natural lotion on hand, but I'm still using up chemical-laden stinky polish. Once I run out of that, I plan on finding something more eco-friendly. Today I wish I had some in blue. Go UK!

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