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Friday, November 11, 2011

Greener: Giveaway over at Muddy Mamas

Looking for a Cheaper, Healthier (as in, fewer chemicals), and Greener solution to disposable baby wipes? Muddy Mamas is giving away 5 super-cute handmade cloth wipes. Check that blog for entry details. I was glad when we made the switch to cloth wipes in the diapering stage, and even now, I love the feel of them better than I do disposable ones. I've never used these specific ones, but a flannel/terry-cloth combo sounds like a good deal.

If you choose to enter, good luck!


  1. Hey, Katie! Our first wipes giveaway winner never responded, so we drew a new winner, and it was you! Come on over and claim your wipes! http://www.muddymamas.net/2011/11/giveaway-winner-5-handmade-cloth-wipes.html Thanks!!