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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cheaper: My trip to Publix today, 11/16

Total worth of groceries: $73.27
My cost out of pocket: $31.96
Percent savings: 56%

Again, largely thanks to I Heart Publix, here are the deals I found, in order from best deals to not as great.

- Publix American Singles, 16-Slice Package, $0.01
($3.19 regular price, today's Penny Item)
- Lysol Dual-Action Wipes, 35 ct, tax only
($2.89 regular price, will submit for mail-in rebate to make cost free + tax)
- Mueller's 100% Whole Grain Spaghetti, 2 13.25 oz packages, $1.02
($1.57 each regular price, BOGO, one $0.55/1 coupon--couldn't find my other one for some reason)
- Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables, 2 bags, $0.99
($1.99 each regular price, on sale 50% off, $0.50/2 coupon that doubled)
- Welch's Grape Juice, 64 oz bottle, $0.96
($3.91 regular price, BOGO, $1 coupon)
- Pam Cooking Spray, 3 Containers, $3.09
($3.19 regular price, BOGO, 2 $0.50 coupons and 1 $0.35 coupon that all doubled)
- Sargento Shredded Cheese, 2 8-oz packages, $2.89
($3.99 each regular price, BOGO, 2 $0.55 coupons)
- Publix Baby Carrots, 2 16-oz packages, $1.19
($1.69 each regular price, BOGO, had Kroger store coupon for $0.50/2)
- O-Cel-O Sponges, 2 4-count packages, $1.99
($1.99 each regular price, BOGO)
- Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail, 64 oz Bottle, $1.58
($3.15 regular price, BOGO)
- Wish-Bone Ranch Salad Dressing, $1.45
($2.89 regular price, BOGO)
- Philadelphia Reduced-Fat Cream Cheese, 8 oz Block, $1.25
($2.39 regular price, on sale, couldn't find the Target coupon to make this cheaper)
- Publix String Cheese, 12 count, $3.50
($4.39 regular price, on sale)
- Red Seedless Grapes, 1.92 lbs @ $1.69/lb = $3.24
($4.77 regular price for this same batch)
- Newspaper, $0.75
(Bought this so I could get the Penny-Item coupon. Some Publix stores don't need the coupon, but my store is starting to enforce the "need coupon" rule. I got lucky last week because my next-door neighbors were out of town for a few days and asked me to pick up their paper--in other words, free coupon!)
- Publix 2% Milk, Half-Gallon, $2.09
- Publix Apple Cider Vinegar, 64 oz bottle, $2.59
- Boar's Head Lower Sodium Ham, 1/2 lb, $5.03

(Plus another $3 off $30 or more coupon)

There were some great deals at Publix today; this is the most "BOGO" shopping I've done in a while. Stocked up on Pam as I can't ever seem to match up sales and coupons with that at the same time. Got 3 today for less than the normal price of one! And I just ran out of sponges last night, so the O-Cel-O sale was great timing. :)

What were some of your best deals at Publix this week?

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